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About 44% of Yolo County residents are married and only 11% are divorced. Both statistics are below the California average. On the other hand, Yolo County has the second highest percentage of California residents who have never been married.

Perhaps people are staying single longer because of the legal complications that follow a divorce. Still, even couples who do not marry may need a family law attorney if they break up after having a child together.

Yolo County Divorce Lawyer Michael Rehm can offer sound advice to Yolo County residents in their hour of need. Attorney Rehm helps parents with issues surrounding child custody. We also help our clients resolve financial issues when their marriage or domestic partnership ends.

Resolving Custody Issues in West Sacramento

Parents who are capable of interacting rationally will usually benefit from joint legal custody. Legal custody refers to the authority to make decisions about a child, including where the child will attend school and whether the child should have an elective medical procedure.

Physical custody, on the other hand, refers to where the child lives. A joint physical custody arrangement allows a child to spend roughly the same amount of time living with each parent. Since that arrangement can be difficult to implement, it is more common to negotiate a primary custody arrangement, in which a child primarily lives with one parent and visits the other.

Resolving Financial Issues in Davis CA

Community property is acquired during marriage and divided equally in a divorce. Separate property is acquired before marriage or after separation and is retained by the spouse who acquired it. A Woodland divorce lawyer can untangle complexities when an asset was acquired prior to marriage but increased in value during a marriage.

Whether a court should award spousal or partner support depends on a divorcing spouse’s need for continuing support. Yolo County Divorce Attorney Michael Rehm will help clients understand whether a judge is likely to award spousal support if a divorce case goes to trial.


Family Law matters can often be contentious, and highly emotional. Access to information is crucial during this time, to help make sure that the right decisions are made based on solid advice, not emotional reactions to an emotional situation. Call Davis Divorce Attorney Michael Rehm for a consultation at (916) 233-7346.

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