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Colusa County is rich in history, going back to the initial settlers in 1846, and it is also one of California's original counties. The county is centrally located––only 1 hour from Sacramento and 2 hours from San Francisco. This makes the region a great place for those who live in these bigger cities to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

But, like elsewhere in Northern California, those traveling the roads and highways in Colusa can be injured in an accident that may result in serious injuries and death. According to the latest data from California's Office of Traffic Safety's, in 2015, Colusa County ranked only 31st out of California's 58 counties with 189 accident injuries and fatalities. But, this low ranking was no consolation to the victims of these accidents, many of whom sustained serious injuries.

Injured in an Accident in Colusa County, CA

If you are like most people who have been injured in an accident, you are probably in pain and don't know what to do. That's why it's important to find a Colusa County personal injury lawyer who is experienced, reliable, and professional to handle your case.

Personal injury law is a very broad legal practice areas. Some personal injury attorneys handle a wide variety of personal injury cases, while others focus only on specific types of cases.

Some of the personal injury cases that our office handles are as follows:

  • Car Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Wrongful Death

When you have been injured in an accident or denied your legal right to compensation, consulting with the right accident attorney can be one of the most important decisions you can make. The Law Office of Michael Rehm can examine your case and determine if you have grounds for an injury lawsuit.

In addition, a competent attorney will be skilled in negotiating with the insurance companies and opposing counsel, making arguments at trial, and defending your interest throughout the legal process.

Why Choose Our Law Office?

  • We understand that every client and every accident is unique, so we will listen to you and will answer your questions promptly, clearly, and precisely.
  • Our goal is to protect your legal rights and ensure that you get your life back on track, now and in the long-term.
  • We understand the different dimensions of your legal rights and will aggressively negotiate on your behalf and fully pursue your right to be compensated for medical treatment, rehabilitative care, lost wages, future lost income, property damage, pain and suffering, and emotional trauma.
  • We can help you even if you don't have any desire to take someone to court to resolve your injury claim.

The Earlier the Better

There are significant benefits to getting The Law Office of Michael Rehm involved in your personal injury case as early as possible. First of all, insurance companies are likely to start asking you questions immediately. We can answer many of these questions for you so that you can focus on healing from your injuries and so that you don't accidentally say something that can hurt your case.

Furthermore, some insurance companies will attempt to get you to agree to an early accident settlement. This initial settlement offer will often be far less than your claim is worth. If you are not represented by a skilled attorney, you might be manipulated into settling your claim for less than you deserve.

Finally, strict laws govern how a personal injury lawsuit can be filed and the deadlines for doing so. If you wait too long to file, even a valid claim can be denied.

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Personal Injury Attorney Michael Rehm provides representation on all auto, car, truck, motorcycle, pedestrian and bicycle accidents and wrongful death cases throughout Colusa County, California. Call (530) 410-6474 for a free consultation.

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