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Yuba City is the largest city in Sutter County. In the most recent year for which statistics are available, 191 arrests were made in Yuba City for driving under the influence (DUI). In that same year, 438 DUI arrests were made countywide.

That arrest rate is a bit higher than the statewide average when the number of arrests are compared to the county's population. However, as is true in much of California, the arrest rate has fallen over the last three years.

A declining arrest rate does not mean that drivers are not at risk of being arrested after consuming alcohol or drugs. Law enforcement officers across Sutter County enforce DUI laws on all 790 miles of county roads, in addition to the streets of Yuba City, Live Oak, and other municipalities.

DUI Arrests in Sutter County

Of the 438 DUI arrests in Sutter County, two were handled as juvenile cases. Only 16 were prosecuted as felonies. A felony is typically charged when an impaired driver causes a serious injury in a traffic accident. Prosecutors also have discretion to charge a DUI as a felony if the driver has more than three previous DUI convictions during the last ten years.

Driving under the influence of drugs accounts for 8% of Sutter County DUI arrests. The statewide average is closer to 5%. While alcohol-related arrests are resolved in an average of 100 days, it takes Sutter County more than twice that long to resolve drug-related DUI arrests.

DUI Convictions in Sutter County

According to the most recent DMV data, only 71.8% of Sutter County DUI arrests result in a DUI conviction. Another 10.8% end with a conviction for “wet reckless,” a form of reckless driving that can have significantly less penalties than a DUI conviction. A plea bargain that produces a wet reckless conviction also exposes the driver to a shorter maximum jail sentence and lower fines.

About 2% of Sutter County DUI cases are plea bargained to a traffic charge that does not involve alcohol. More than 15% result in no conviction at all. Those cases were either dismissed — perhaps because a diligent lawyer persuaded a judge to throw out the evidence — or resulted in an acquittal.

Yuba City DUI Lawyer Michael Rehm can help drivers arrested for DUI in Sutter County understand their options. Pleading guilty without a lawyer eliminates the opportunity to join the 30% of drivers who avoid a DUI conviction.

Sutter County DUI Penalties

As of January 1, 2021, several new laws that will affect the sentences on driving under the influence matters will take effect. On all misdemeanor matters in California, including DUI, the length of probation is not supposed to exceed one year, a substantial change from the three 0 five years of probation that had been common in California. There is a possibility of having the DUI charge diverted, although how the courts will handle that statute remains to be seen, and given the hesitancy to grant diversion on DUI cases in the past, even for military veterans and the mentally ill, of which there was specific statutory authority, the odds of a routine first offense DUI being diverted seem extremely low at this point.

For more information on the law, and how it can help or hurt your case, contact Yuba City DUI Attorney Michael Rehm at (530) 410-6474 for a free, confidential consultation.


MICHAEL REHM – (530) 410-6474

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