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San Joaquin County take pride in its transportation network. Eight state highways and three interstate freeways carry residents and travelers through the county and to distant destinations. Local roads in Stockton, Lodi, Tracy, Manteca, and more than two dozen other communities are rarely empty.

Whether they travel on freeways, highways, or city streets, drivers need to be cautious after consuming alcohol. A quick swerve on a road might lead to a traffic stop. The odor of beer on the driver's breath can lead to a chain of events that will end with a visit to one of the San Joaquin County jails.

Michael Rehm is available to help drivers who are arrested for DUI in Stockton or any other San Joaquin County community. We represent drivers who are worried about losing jobs and driving privileges after a DUI arrest.

DUI Arrests in San Joaquin County

The most recent DUI arrest statistics collected by the California DMV are pre-pandemic. They remain a good indicator of how seriously a county will take DUI as life returns to normal.

In the most recent year for which statistics have been compiled, 2,154 drivers were arrested for DUI in San Joaquin County. Of that total, 432 arrests were made in Stockton. Lodi accounted for 140 arrests while 124 were made in Manteca. Despite being the county's second largest city, only 84 DUI arrests were made in Tracy.

Drivers who are arrested in San Joaquin County will usually be taken to a law enforcement office for breath testing. Drivers who are “over the limit” will usually be booked at the San Joaquin County jail. The jail and the sheriff's office are located in French Camp, about six miles south of Stockton. Most drivers are released after booking.

DUI Prosecutions in San Joaquin County

A DUI arrest in San Joaquin County will be prosecuted by the San Joaquin County District Attorney's office. That office charges about 4% of drivers with felony DUI charges. Most drivers are charged with misdemeanors.

Cases are heard in the San Joaquin County Superior Court. Court appearances are usually made at the Stockton Courthouse, located at 180 East Weber Avenue in Stockton.

DUI Convictions in San Joaquin County

Prosecutors in San Joaquin County obtain a DUI conviction in 76.5% of their DUI cases. Drivers who plead guilty at their first court appearance instead of hiring a lawyer have the greatest chance of being convicted.

In 9.8% of their cases, San Joaquin County prosecutors agree to settle for a “wet reckless” conviction. That form of reckless driving generally carries lesser consequences than a DUI conviction. In another 1.3% of cases, they agree to a conviction for a lesser traffic offense. Those outcomes are generally achieved as the result of plea bargaining.

In the remaining 12.4% of cases, the driver is not convicted of any crime. Some of those cases have been dismissed, usually because a lawyer has filed a successful motion to throw out the evidence upon which the charge is based. In other cases, a lawyer persuades a jury that a reasonable doubt entitles the driver to be found not guilty.

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