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Placer County Jail Alternatives

Placer County Jail Sentence Alternatives:

(1)Adult Work Release Program—this program is supervised by the Placer County Probation Department. In essence, individuals perform physical labor or other projects at the direction of the Probation department.

a.Examples include working in the kitchen at the Placer County Jail, cleaning trash off the road, etc.

b.The fee is $25 to apply, and $20 a day.

c.There is no minimum sentence, but there is a maximum of 45 days.

(2)Electronic Monitoring Program – a GPS monitor is attached to an individual's ankle. This is also run by the Probation Department.

a.The minimum amount of time is generally 10 days, but in certain circumstances they will allow for less. The maximum amount of time allowed is one year.

b.You are allowed to work, go to school, and attend treatment (including the DUI School), once approved by the probation Department.

c.On a 3rd DUI, you are ineligible to serve the complete sentence on electronic monitoring.

d.The cost is the same as the Adult Work Release Program, $20 a day, $25 to sign up.

e.You must reside in a verifiable, legal address within Placer County.

i.If you reside close to Placer County (certain neighborhoods in North Sacramento), there is a possibility you will be approved. You can always attempt to have the electronic monitoring transferred to whatever county you reside in. This issue will generally be negotiated with the District Attorney, the Judge and your Placer County DUI Lawyer.

(3)Roseville City Jail – this is an alternative to the main jail in Auburn. It is generally for low level offenders, and as such, a more comfortable environment.

a.You are given 2 for 1 credits.

i.If you are sentenced to 10 days, you would only have to do 5 24 hour periods, or in the alternative ten 12 hour periods.

ii.Most individuals check in at night, do a 12 hour period, and are released in the morning, allowing no interruption with work.

b.The cost is $60 for a 12 hour period, and $110 for a 24 hour period.

c.If you have a cellmate, it would be with someone else sentenced to the Roseville City Jail.

d.The Court must approve the sentence.

e.The jail is located at 1051 Junction Blvd. Roseville, CA 95678, the Roseville Police Department.

(4)Residential Rehab – this sentence is based on a court referral, but it must be a licensed residential rehabilitation facility, not a sober living home.

a.This is generally for multiple offenders or those facing Felony DUI's.

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