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The Law Office of Michael Rehm defends those accused of driving under the influence in Placer County. An arrest for a DUI can trigger a certain panic on what to do next. There are several steps in the process that protect your rights, and assist in a competent defense. The first step is a hearing needs to be set with the California DMV within 10 days of the arrest. This allows you to contest the DUI with the Department of Motor Vehicles, and obtain the police report and other relevant evidence, generally even before you step into a courtroom. The number to call to set the hearing is (916) 227-2970. Any DUI attorney you decide to hire should do this for you as well.

Unfortunately for those arrested in Placer County, it is one of the more conservative jurisdictions in California. The penalties are much stiffer than those given out in surrounding counties. But there is also more of a willingness to listen to the facts of the case, especially from the Judges, than in other counties I have practiced in. Hope is not lost. A strong defense and the right attitude can persevere in this county and can lead to success. There are many defenses in DUI cases that can be applied. From “rising blood alcohol” to contesting the reason why the officer pulled you over, these case can be beat, and damage can be controlled. The science of alcohol absorption, the intricacies with how the blood should be handled and stored, as well as the requirements for the breathalyzer to be actually introduced into evidence is often lost on even the prosecutors in these cases. Therefore with the right Placer County DUI Lawyer, the advantage is with the defense.

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