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Automobile accidents are the most common of the potential accident cases Michael Rehm provides representation on.   There are a wide range of injuries that can occur from a car accident, from soft tissue injuries to fatal encounters.  From the legal perspective, these cases depend on several different issues:

  • Who is at fault? — As discussed on the homepage, this issue many times will not be in dispute. The accident report, the parties' statements, the witness statements, any video of the incident will provide the evidence as to liability when a dispute does arise.
  • Did you have insurance? If you did not have insurance of your own, you are potentially not eligible for Pain and Suffering. If you did have insurance, did you also have uninsured or underinsured insurance? If so, how much?
  • Does the other side have insurance? If so, how much? If they do not, we go back to looking at your uninsured amount, or if they have a low amount in relation to the potential damages, we look to see how much underinsured coverage you have.
  • Did you have medical insurance? If so, who is the provider? The value of cases since a crucial California Supreme Court decision in 2011, can be drastically different depending on who your health insurance provider is. If you have Medi-Cal or Medicare, the value of your case will normally be less than those with private insurance, or without insurance in general.
  • What is the extent of your injury? This is normally not immediately apparent. One of the reasons why these cases have a two-year statute of limitations in California, is because your accident attorney needs to be able to determine the extent of your injuries before any settlement is reached. Injuries that seem relatively minor can develop over time into injuries that require surgery, and injuries like broken bones, where the serious nature of the injury is immediately apparent, can actually get more severe if there are complications from surgery.

These cases will many times seem relatively straightforward to the non-lawyer with no experience in the court system.   This is understandable, but many times misguided. The insurance company has a job to do, and that is to resolve the matter without exposing their insured to any out of pocket judgement (to settle the case within the policy limits), and to save their company the most money possible. So, when the insurance company starts acting unreasonable with those injured because someone else was negligent, it can come as a surprise, the willingness to add insult to injury.  If you have been injured in a car accident, make sure you have a Personal Injury Lawyer, that you trust, on your side.  The issues above represent a fraction of the actual issues you can deal with in these types of cases and having the right lawyer on your case can make all the difference.

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