Goodwill No Longer Alternative Service Provider

In terms of 1st Offense DUI cases, where there is no injury/accident involved, it is extremely rare for an individual to be sentenced to actual custody time in jail. Generally, the defendant is sentenced to a certain period of time, and then allowed to serve that time on alternative sentencing. This includes Sheriffs Work Project, Home detention, or on occasion, regular community service. In the past, the regular community service was implemented through Goodwill.   This is no longer the case. Now, the defendant is refereed to a list of eligible community service providers and it is up to the defendant to decide where the community service will be completed.  This change has no affect on eligibility for community service, which generally is based on health reason or being indigent and unable to afford the Work Project or Home Detention.  The list of providers is here.   There is no indication why the change was made.