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In the most recent year for which statistics are available, law enforcement officers arrested 1,941 drivers in Stanislaus County for driving under the influence (DUI). With one arrest for every 200 county residents, Stanislaus County has an average California arrest DUI arrest rate.

Of those countywide DUI arrests, 447 occurred in Modesto. Turlock accounted for 156 arrests, 103 drivers were arrested in Ceres, and 39 DUI arrests were made in Riverbank.

Stanislaus County DUI Charges

About 93.5% of Stanislaus County DUI charges are for misdemeanors. Another 0.4% involve juvenile DUI offenses. The remaining 6.2% are charged as felonies.

The percentage of felony charges in Stanislaus County is higher than the statewide average. Prosecutors have discretion to charge a felony when a driver has three prior DUI convictions within the last ten years. The statistics suggest that Stanislaus County prosecutors are aggressive about charging felonies, perhaps to gain leverage in plea bargaining.

About 4% of DUI charges in Stanislaus County involve driving under the influence of drugs. Since there is no “legal limit” for drug concentrations in a driver's blood, those cases are more difficult for prosecutors to prove. That may be why Stanislaus County prosecutors seem to be focusing more on alcohol-related DUI cases.

DUI Convictions in Stanislaus County

The good news for drivers who have been arrested for DUI is that not every charge ends with a conviction. In Stanislaus County, about 77% of DUI charges result in a DUI conviction. Prosecutors in Stanislaus County have a slightly higher conviction rate than the statewide average of 73.6%.

About 4% of DUI charges in Stanislaus County are reduced to a “wet reckless” charge. That offense subjects the driver to reduced penalties and avoids the license suspension that automatically follows a DUI conviction, however, a license suspension can still occur if the DMV hearing is lost. Another 1.8% of charges are reduced to a less serious traffic offense.

The remaining 17.3% of charges result in no conviction at all. The evidence in support of the DUI might be thrown out because of errors made by the arresting officer or a jury might find the driver “not guilty.”

The statistics suggest that Stanislaus County prosecutors are less inclined to plea bargain than prosecutors in many other California counties. Driver who decide that they have nothing to lose by going to trial probably account for the substantial percentage of cases that end with a defense victory.

Multiple defenses can be raised against DUI charges. Modesto DUI Defense Lawyer Michael Rehm can help drivers who are charged in Stanislaus County understand the defenses that are available to them.

Stanislaus County Court

There are multiple court locations in Stanislaus County, but criminal and DUI matters are exclusively heard at 800 11th Street Modesto, CA 95354.  Modesto DUI Attorney Michael Rehm is available for free consultations at (209) 490-5049. All consultations are confidential and free, please have all paperwork you received from the incident on hand, including the Temporary drivers license (the pink piece of paper) and the notice to appear.

Modesto DUI Attorney – Stanislaus County DUI Lawyer

Free consultations – (209) 490-5049

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