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Johnny Cash scored a hit with the song “Folsom Prison Blues.” Drivers in Folsom know that they are at risk of incarceration — usually in a Sacramento County Jail rather than prison — if they are arrested for driving under the influence (DUI).

The risk of being arrested is significant. In the most recent year for which statistics are available, 278 drivers were arrested in Folsom for a DUI. There are less DUI arrests in Folsom than other California cities of similar size, but those unfortunate drivers who are arrested face serious consequences.

Folsom DUI Outcomes

A driving under the influence charge has several possible outcomes. The charge might be dismissed. Evidence that makes a prosecution possible might be thrown out. A jury might find the driver “not guilty.” Or a plea bargain might be made concerning a reduced charge or penalty.

Many drivers believe that there is no defense after a Folsom DUI arrest. However, while 85% of Sacramento County DUI arrests result in a DUI conviction, 9.6% of the county's DUI charges are dismissed or end with “not guilty” verdicts, according tp the most recent statistics compiled by the Judicial Council of California.

About 4.4% of Sacramento County DUI charges are resolved with a plea to a reduced charge, often a wet reckless. That form of reckless driving carries less severe consequence than a DUI conviction.

Another 1% of drivers plead guilty to some other traffic offense. A plea to an amened charge is a particularly good outcome for commercial drivers who potentially face a loss of their CDL privileges if they are convicted of a DUI, however, even if court works out the drivers way, the DMV can still take independent action, and a thorough understanding of how the two institutions are connected is necessary before decisions in court are made.  

Folsom DUI Lawyer

An aggressive DUI defense can mean the difference between losing a license and continuing to drive. It can mean the difference between jail and freedom. If you were arrested for DUI in Folsom, talk to a DUI Defense Lawyer Michael Rehm to learn about the best option to pursue in your case.

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