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The Elk Grove Police Department takes an aggressive approach to enforcing DUI (driving under the influence) laws. The city periodically sets up sobriety checkpoints, if an officer smells the scent of an alcoholic beverage on a driver's breath, there is a good chance that the driver will be given a preliminary breath test.

During the most recent year for which statistics are available, the police made 203 DUI arrests in Elk Grove. According to the Office of Traffic Safety, that statistic accounts for the sixth highest arrest rate out of 58 comparable California cities, after adjusting for population and miles driven.

DUI Prosecutions of Elk Grove Drivers

Felony and misdemeanor DUI cases are handled by the Sacramento County District Attorney's office. About 94% of DUIs in Sacramento County are charged as misdemeanors. Felony charges are typically reserved for drivers who cause serious accident injuries and those who have at least three prior DUI convictions within the last ten years.

Sacramento County has a higher rate of DUI convictions than most California counties. About 85% of DUI arrests in the county result in a DUI conviction.

According to the most recent statistics complied by the California DMV, out of 4166 misdemeanor DUI filings in Sacramento County, 297 were reduced to a wet reckless, around 6-7% of all misdemeanor DUI filings. The general factors the District Attorney will look at to evaluate wet reckless eligibility, is the blood alcohol level, the driving, and the criminal record of the defendant. That list is not exclusive.

Dismissals and Acquittals in Elk Grove DUI Cases

The good news for arrested individuals is that 9.6% of DUI arrests resulted in no conviction at all. The remaining 1% of DUI arrests ended with a conviction for a less serious traffic offense, usually because of a plea bargain.

When a DUI ends with no conviction, one of three things could have happened. The case might have been dismissed by a prosecutor who decided the case was unwinnable. The evidence might have been thrown out by a judge, forcing the prosecutor to dismiss it. Or a jury or judge might have found the driver not guilty after a trial.

Every case is unique, every factual scenario is different, and everyone facing a DUI will have different collateral consequences as to how their life will be affected. Contact Elk Grove DUI Attorney Michael Rehm to determine how the law applies to your facts, and how your collateral consequences can be taken into consideration.

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