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Alternative Sentencing

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Jail Alternatives in Sacramento County:

There are three main alternatives to serving your sentence in custody. All three have different rules attached.  The procedure for jail alternatives starts in Court. When you are sentenced, the Court will generally state what Alternative Sentencing you are eligible for.  Some Judges say nothing, and the fact that they did not object to any alternative sentencing is to be taken as just that, no objection.  The way it works is that you will be sentenced to a set amount of time. Whether it be 2 days on a 1st Offense DUI, or up to one year, the Court will sentence you to this time. It will then be up to you to go and apply for one the alternative sentencing providers based on which ones the Court stated you were eligible for. If for some reason you fail to sign up, or do not qualify, you will still owe the time you were sentenced to, it will be in custody however.  The Court in Sacramento will provide a deadline for you to sign up for the alternative sentencing. The Court will also set a date for you to turn yourself into custody if you did not sign up or qualify for alternative sentencing.

            The three types of alternative sentencing:

Sheriffs Work Project– generally performing some type of physical labor for the Sheriff's, for the most part the labor is not psychically strenuous.  There are numerous different assignments for those that have the physical capabilities and those do not.

  1. The Sheriffs are responsible for approving you. Generally you will be approved unless there is some physical or mental disability you have that would preclude from being able to work.  Certain types of offense will also potentially be deemed not acceptable, such as Battery on a Peace Officer, Resisting Arrest, or certain sex offenses.
  2. You can do a maximum of 120 days on Sheriff's Work project
  3. The cost is $80 to apply and $40 a day.
  4. You generally have to do at least two days a week and these can be done on the weekends.
  5. They are located at 700 North 5th Street Sacramento, CA 95814
  6. They can be reached at (916) 874-1402

Home Detention– this is also run by the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department. This is basically house arrest with an ankle monitor.

  1. They accept those with medical disabilities
  2. The cost is $15 a day if you are not working.
  3. If you are working, the cost is 1 hour of your wages, plus $7.80 a day.
  4. The application fee is $130.00
  5. The maximum amount of time you can do is 16 months.
  6. They drug test weekly once you are on the ankle monitor.
  7. They are located at the same location as the Sheriffs Work Project, with a phone number of (916) 874-1413.

Goodwill Alternative Sentencing Program– this is general community service and needs to be specifically authorized in Court. If you have some medical condition which would make you ineligible for the Sheriffs Work Project, and due to either financial or other circumstances cannot do the Home Detention program, this is the ideal sentence. But the Court will have to specifically agree to it, and many times it will be over the objection of the District Attorney.

UPDATE: Sacramento County no longer uses Goodwill Alternative Sentencing Program. You now are referred to a list of eligible community service providers and told to contact the one of your choice. The list is here.

  1. The cost is $40 for 1-20 hours
  2. $60 for 21-150 hours
  3. $80 for 151+ hours
  4. There is the potential of having all fees waived upon a hardship showing.
  5. They are located at 4207 Norwood Avenue Sacramento, CA 95838; and
  6. 4126 Manzanita Avenue Sacramento, CA 95608; and
  7. 6630 Franklin Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95823
  8. They have one phone number for all locations: (916) 649-2531

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