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Butte County DUI Lawyer

Butte County offers natural beauty and abundant recreational opportunities. Unfortunately, those who relax with a drink at a tavern in Chico, Paradise, Gridley, or any other Butte County community may find themselves arrested for driving under the influence (DUI).

Butte County DUI Arrests

About 1,200 drivers are arrested in Butte County for DUI in an average year. Law enforcement officers make 0.7 arrests for every 100 county residents. That's higher than the statewide average, suggesting that local law enforcement are prowling the roads looking for signs of impaired drivers.

Approximately 5% of DUI arrests in Butte County involve drivers who are suspected of being under the influence of a drug, this includes legal drugs, such as marijuana, or validly prescribed prescription medication.

Butte County DUI Prosecutions

It takes an average of 135 days from arrest to conviction in Butte County. That time span increases to 228 days when the driver is charged with driving under the influence of drugs.

According to the California Judicial Council, 78.5% of Butte County DUI prosecutions end with a DUI conviction. Many of the drivers who are convicted decide to plead guilty without hiring a DUI lawyer.

About 6.4% of Butte County DUI prosecutions are resolved with a “wet reckless” conviction. That reckless driving offense does not carry the same harsh consequences for driving privileges as a DUI conviction, although it can still lead to a license suspension if the driver loses the DMV hearing. It also carries a shorter maximum jail sentence.

Another 2.5% of cases are reduced to a less serious traffic ticket. Those reductions usually result from a plea bargain.

The remaining 12.6% of Butte County DUI prosecutions end with a dismissal or an acquittal. Dismissals usually occur because a defense attorney presents evidence that the police either violated the driver's constitutional rights or failed to follow necessary procedures. Juries find drivers “not guilty” when a defense lawyer convinces them that there is a reasonable doubt about the driver's guilt.

Whether a plea bargain, a motion attacking the prosecution's evidence, or a jury trial is the best strategy depends on the circumstances. A driver accused of DUI in Butte County can get strategic advice from attorney Michael Rehm at (530) 41-6474.

Butte County Court

There are two courthouses in Butte County, each located in Oroville and Chico, California. As of right now, all criminal matters, including DUI cases, are heard in Oroville, with an address on One Court Street Oroville, CA 95965. To find out what department your matter may be in, check the online court calendar here.

For a free consultation regarding your Chico DUI arrest, call Attorney Michael Rehm to determine the best course of action for your case. Consultations are free and always confidential.  

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