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About 16% of Sacramento residents are divorced. That percentage is significantly above the California average. The Woodlake neighborhood, where 28% of residents are divorced, has one of the city’s highest divorce rates.

About 38% of Sacramento residents are married. However, a large percentage of all marriages end in divorce. While everyone who marries hopes to live happily ever after, financial stress and infidelity are among the leading reasons that Sacramento marriages come to an end.

California divorce and community property laws are complicated. Sacramento Family Law Attorney Michael Rehm can help spouses understand how they can protect themselves when the time comes to dissolve a marriage.

Child Custody and Support in Sacramento

Divorce is particularly difficult when spouses have children. Rather than leaving custody arrangements to a judge, courts encourage parents to work out an arrangement that will best meet the needs of their children.

Legal custody addresses the authority to make decisions about children, including where they will go to school and whether they will have elective medical procedures. When parents are capable of communicating with each other rationally, courts encourage them to make decisions about their children jointly.

In some cases, it is necessary to give sole legal custody to one parent, particularly when the other parent is too selfish or abusive to act in a child’s best interests. Sacramento divorce lawyer Michael Rehm can help a parent make the case for sole legal custody when joint legal custody would be unworkable.

Physical custody refers to where the children will live. Ideally, a child will spend as much time as possible with each parent. As a practical matter, it is often difficult for children to spend equal amounts of time with both parents.

When parents live some distance from each other, the need to maintain continuity in school and relationships with friends may result in a child spending more time with one parent than the other. A Sacramento family law attorney can help a parent negotiate a custody arrangement that benefits both the child and the parent.

Child support in California is calculated according to a statewide formula. Some circumstances justify a departure from the formula. Attorney Michael Rehm can help explaain how much child support a court will likely award.

Property Division and Spousal Support in Sacramento

Community property, including property acquired during a marriage, is owned equally by both spouses and is usually divided equally at the time of a divorce. Separate property, including property acquired before a marriage, remains the property of the spouse who acquired it.

In some cases, spouses enter into a written agreement before or during a marriage that changes the property distribution that might otherwise occur. A Sacramento divorce lawyer can help a divorcing spouse understand whether such an agreement is valid.

Spousal and partner support is the term used to describe alimony. Courts are most likely to award spousal support at the end of a long marriage when one spouse has a greater earning capacity than the other. Since the need for spousal support is often disputed, a Sacramento divorce lawyer can assist spouses who want to seek or avoid the payment of alimony.


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