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In the most recent year for which statistics are available, 217 drivers were arrested for DUI within Napa’s city limits. In Napa County, 688 drivers were arrested for felony or misdemeanor DUI.

More than 98% of arrests were for misdemeanors. A felony is typically charged only when the allegedly impaired driver causes a serious injury accident, or when the driver has at least three prior DUI convictions within the past ten years.

About 75% of Napa County arrests are for a first offense. Another 19% are for a second offense, while only 8.5% involve a third offense. Less than 1% of arrested drivers had three or more prior convictions within the past ten years.

Napa DUI Convictions

Statistics show that 80.8% of DUI arrests in Napa County result in a conviction. That is a higher percentage than the statewide average of 73.6%.

While few felony arrests are made, even fewer DUI arrests in Napa County result in a felony conviction. Only 0.9% of the county’s DUI arrests ended with a felony conviction.

Just over 9% of Napa County DUI arrests were resolved with a “wet reckless” conviction. A “wet reckless” carries less jail time than a DUI conviction and does not necessarily result in a license suspension. Another 1.5% of DUI charges were reduced to either a “dry reckless” or some other traffic charge that does not carry the consequences of a DUI conviction.

More than 8.5% of Napa County DUI arrests ended with no conviction. They were resolved with either a dismissal or an acquittal.

When drivers plead guilty without consulting with a lawyer, they miss out on valuable legal advice that could help them obtain a more favorable outcome. Napa DUI Lawyer Michael Rehm can advise drivers arrested in Napa about defenses and strategies they should consider before deciding how to proceed.

Napa DUI Programs

About 95% of drivers who are convicted of a first offense in Napa County are ordered to attend DUI first offender program. About 80% of Napa County drivers convicted of a second offense, 90% of drivers convicted of a third offense are ordered to participate in a more intense 18-month treatment program. The Napa County DUI Program is the only accredited DUI school in Napa County. They are located at 2020 Jefferson Street Napa, CA 94559

Update: As of September 2020, the Napa County DUI Program is closing. They have provided a list of other licensed DUI schools in the area:

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