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National wildlife refuges and a National Forest add to Colusa County’s unspoiled character. As one of California’s least populated counties, the county benefits from a relatively low crime rate. Still, law enforcement officers in Colusa County regularly make arrests for driving under the influence (DUI).

Colusa County DUI Arrests

An average of 160 drivers in Colusa County are arrested for DUI each year. As a percentage of the county’s population, that arrest rate is about double the statewide average. The arrest rate may reflect the reality that small counties often depend on traffic arrests for revenue.

About 96% of Colusa County DUI arrests are for misdemeanors. Most felony charges are lodged against impaired drivers who were involved in a serious accidents. Prosecutors also have discretion to charge a felony when a driver has three or more prior convictions for DUI within a ten-year period.

In a departure from the statewide average, roughly 10% of Colusa County DUI arrests are for driving under the influence of drugs. That’s around double the statewide average.

Colusa County DUI Convictions

Colusa County has an average California conviction rate for DUI arrests. That means that one of four drivers arrested for DUI will avoid a full blown DUI conviction.

While felonies represent 4% of DUI arrests, only 0.6% of convictions are for DUI felonies.

About 10% of Colusa County DUI charges are resolved with a plea to a “wet reckless” offense. That form of reckless driving can potentially bring less potential jail time than a DUI conviction and does not have the same impact on driving privileges, at least not initially.

Another 3% of Colusa County DUI charges are plea bargained to a “dry” charge of reckless driving.

The final 12.4% of DUI arrests end up with no conviction at all. Those cases might be dismissed because a lawyer files a motion challenging an unlawful traffic stop, they might be dismissed for lack of probable cause to make an arrest, or a jury might find that the arresting officer did not obtain a valid test result.

Colusa County DUI Attorney Michael Rehm can analyze your case and help decide which defense will apply.

Colusa County Court

There are two courthouses in Colusa that hear criminal cases, including driving under the influence:

  • Department 1

547 Market Street

Colusa, CA 95932

  • Department 2

532 Oak Street

Colusa, CA 95932

For more information on how the law applies to the facts of your case, how the court is likely to sentence you if you are convicted, or what can be done in court and with the DMV, call Colusa DUI Lawyer Michael Rehm at (530) 410-6474 for a free, confidential consultation.

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