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Sacramento DUI Informational Video

October 1, 2014

Sacramento DUI Informational Video Transcript: Hi. My name is Michael Rehm. I’m a DUI defense attorney. Today I’m going to be discussing Sacramento County DUI offenses specifically. This is just an informational video, and it’s in regards to those of you that are facing a first or second offense. Specifically,.

Goodwill No Longer Alternative Service Provider

August 2, 2014

In terms of 1st Offense DUI cases, where there is no injury/accident involved, it is extremely rare for an individual to be sentenced to actual custody time in jail. Generally, the defendant is sentenced to a certain period of time, and then allowed to serve that time on alternative sentencing..


July 4, 2014

Two DUI checkpoints this weekend conducted by the Sacramento police Department. Keep in mind there can others conducted by other law enforcement agencies in and around the Sacramento County area. (1) Checkpoint tonight, July 3rd, at Arden Way and Challenge Way starting at 7:00 pm, and lasting 5-7 hours. (2).